the Candle Tailor is about creating things that make your mind wander, jump, cringe, smile, laugh or gasp.  It's a little shock jock and little, just a little, of something akin to class.  Which class that might be is subjective...

Why is a little easier of a question.  I like to learn.  I like to create. I like to make things and I like to stay busy.  This gives me an opportunity to exercise my over-active imagination and restless mind.  It keeps me distracted from trouble--while I get to create some.

It covers a lot of things and more than the products that are generated.  Once upon a time, it was a joint venture with some friends that I love dearly. For now, it's a solo journey that encompasses all sorts of things that I actually enjoy.  I get to run a business, be a techy with designing the website and dealing with its quirks.  I get to be an artist, of sorts, with graphics and photos. Then there's the fragrances and the crazy assortment of oils, colors, and additives for soaps, lotions, candles, packaging and all the things you touch, see, smell, hear and ideally, not taste--yet!  I have the pleasure of my own schedule & my commute is amazing.  

I feel very fortunate to get to create things.  Even better that I get to share them with you. I'm very grateful to do so.  I know some of these are gonna make you cringe (sorry, Mom), but they're gonna make some of you laugh and some of you "aaaahhhh" and some sink into bliss from a familiar scent.  

So, thanks for taking the time.  Thanks for checking me out.  Thanks a million if you actually purchased something.  If you can't, no worries.  Just tell someone who can...?   

If you're interested in what else I do behind the scenes some of the good I'm trying to accomplish is over here! ---->