The Candle Tailor

Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for a group of people in your life? A signature candle is an incredible option.  It's perfect for wedding gift responses, office staff, birthdays, or any occasion to show your team how you appreciate them in a way customized to fit uniquely. Create your scent or work with us to find the best aroma suited for you. There are a variety of vessels to choose from ranging from organic and natural to uber modern chic. You can even go naked with a molded pillar candle in a variety of sizes. So many options may seem overwhelming, but we're dedicated to creating a seamless experience that produces a scent-sational product to fit like a glove. Candles can also be dyed or labeled to meet your interests and needs.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a live consultation.  

Chandler Bearden