How to get in touch with us at the Candle Tailor

you've got a few options

a few minutes to talk

Chat help provides assistance through online chat (see bubble below), where you state your question or concern, receive responses, and can seek human assistance if necessary. This option is mildly quicker than email.

more in depth needs

Compose your message to clearly stating the purpose of your communication. Please proofread to ensure that your message is properly conveyed with all relevant information included.

give us a ring

And while I thank you, no diamonds, please. You can always call us at 737-CHANDLER for a quicker more personal encounter. No bots on our line, just humans--unless you count voicemail as a bot.

go old school

See those empty(ish) white(esque) fields down there? fill in the blanks with the requested info and whatever is meant to happen will likely happen.

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